Conference: Is Europe's Future Populist?

Conference: Is Europe's Future Populist?

Conference: Is Europe's Future Populist?
12.00 - 18.00, Thursday 21 March

The Hotel Brussels

Once again, it seems that populism is the bogeyman on the lips of European politicos. With this conference, we want to bring together open-minded academics, politicians, commentators and thinkers from across Europe to ask why populism seems to have returned, what’s driving it, and whether Europe should embrace or marginalise populist forces.  

At a time when both anger at elites and elite derision of those who criticise them seems at a renewed crescendo, our aim is to bring together inquiring minds from across the political divides and try and shed light on a burning issue facing Europe.  

From the farmers’ movement sweeping Europe, the predicted rightward shift in the European elections, or the renewed fears of right-wing national populism in parties like the AfD, it seems clear that populism as a force is not going anywhere. Our conference is an attempt to understand what drives populist sentiment, why those in power are so dismissive of the concerns of those who vote for populists, and how Europeans should respond. 

Sessions include: 

  • Keynote speech: Professor Matthew Goodwin: Populism and the elites
  • Abandoned voters: Why we can’t dismiss populism
  • On the march? Prospects for populism across Europe