The Diversity Obsession: Can Europe survive multiculturalism?

The Diversity Obsession: Can Europe survive multiculturalism?

Day-long conference from MCC Brussels

Venue: ACE Events, Av. d'Auderghem 22, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium (nearest metro: Schuman) 

Date and time: 10.00AM - 5.30PM, Thursday 28 September 2023

Speakers include:

Dr Göran Adamson, Lars Åberg, Professor Paul Cliteur, Dr Alka Seghal Cuthbert, Professor Bill Durodié, Dr Rakib Ehsan, Professor Frank Furedi, José Antonio Fúster, Dr Boris Havel, Dyab Abou Jahjah, Dr Arta Moeini, Professor Werner J. Patzelt  

Sessions include

  • Multiculturalism in action: a record of failure?
  • How did diversity become an EU value? 
  • Can multiculturalism hold a society together?
Multiculturalism is perhaps the unofficial ideology of the European Union. While it has different meanings, most believe that the core of multiculturalism is the celebration of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. Indeed, right across the continent, politicians appeal to the importance of diversity as a value that Europeans need to celebrate.

But what does it even mean to ‘celebrate diversity’? Are those who refuse to celebrate diversity simply bigots, or do they have legitimate concerns about the tendency of multicultural policies to divide society rather than unite it?

This conference will invite European commentators, politicians and citizens to explore the legacy of multiculturalism in Europe. MCC Brussels welcomes participants from across the political divide, and hopes to start an open discussion about Europe’s future.